Reporting a Suspected Fishery-related Occurrence by a Member of the Public through DFO’s Phone or Online Reporting Mechanisms

Description: This bank describes information related to the reporting of suspected fishery-related occurrence by the general public through phone or online reporting mechanisms. The personal information may include contact information, age, employment equity information (population group), gender, name, opinion or views of, or about, individuals, other identification numbers, vessel and vehicle information, photos, physical attributes and voice recordings.

Note: In addition to the requirements specified on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Personal Information Request form, individuals requesting information described by this bank must provide the approximate date the information was reported and the region. Information may be stored electronically in the Departmental Violations System or regional databases. The PIB was last updated in 2015.

Class of individuals: General public reporting a suspected fishery-related occurrence under appropriate fisheries legislation, individuals who are suspected of committing an occurrence reported under these methods, government employees, and individuals working for third party service providers under contract with DFO to provide services.

Purpose: The personal information is used to administer the monitoring, control and surveillance program, aimed at detecting and deterring illegal activities. Personal information is collected pursuant to section 2 of the Criminal Code, sections  5 and 49-56 of the Fisheries Act, sections 85 and 115-118 of the Species At Risk Act, section 3 of the Coastal Fisheries Protection Act, subsection 33(1)(c) and sections 35 and 39 of the Oceans Act and sections 174 -184 of the Canada Shipping Act.

Consistent Uses: Information may be shared with third party service providers under contract with DFO to collect and share the data with DFO as required by a signed contract agreement.  Information may be shared within DFO for the purposes of enforcement and investigations, program planning or management, reporting, safety or security purposes, audit, evaluation, statistical, research and policy development.

Retention and Disposal Standards: Records are retained for 15 years from the end of the fiscal year in which the case was closed and then destroyed.

RDA Number: Under review

Related Record Number: DFO EFM 404.2

TBS Registration: 20150129 

Bank Number: DFO PPU 075