List of Briefing Note Titles

The titles included in the List of Briefing Notes correspond to briefing notes and memoranda that were prepared for the Minister and Deputy Minister for Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), and the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) and received by their respective offices. The lists are generated at the end of each month and are a snapshot in time of documents created for that month. If you find a title of interest, and wish to obtain a copy of the actual briefing document, you may complete an Access to Information Request for the document.

In keeping with the spirit of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act, information that would be exempted pursuant to these Acts has been severed mainly for reasons of privacy, confidentiality, and security. Note that briefing documents on issues surrounding human resources and Cabinet confidences are generally not included in the List of Briefing Note Titles.

To access the List of Briefing Note Titles for DFO/CCG, visit the Open Government portal.