Summary – Alewives (Gaspereau)

This six-year management plan (2007-2012) covers the commercial gaspereau (Alosa pseudoharengus and Alosa aestivalis) fishery in the coastal and inland waters of eastern New Brunswick, including all watersheds between Dalhousie and Baie-Verte (statistical districts 63 to 80). This fishing plan has been prepared based on the principles of sustainable development, ecosystem approach, integrated management and a precautionary approach, in accordance with the Oceans Act and Species at Risk Act.

The plan is designed to be implemented in conjunction with annual updates to allow adjustments of specific fisheries management measures linked to fishing areas, fishing seasons and catch limits.

In 2000, in eastern New Brunswick, about 57% of landings came from the Miramichi River, 29% from the Richibouctou and Bouctouche Rivers, and 11% from the Pokemouche and Big Tracadie Rivers. In 2004, 47% of landings came from the Miramichi River, 26% from the Richibouctou and Bouctouche Rivers, and 19% from the Pokemouche and Tracadie Rivers.

There are 129 commercial licence holders using trap nets and gill nets in this fishery.

The Gaspereau Fishery Advisory Committee consists of representatives from the Maritime Fishermen’s Union (MFU), the NB Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture, First Nations, and DFO.


Summary – Alewives (Gaspereau) can be downloaded as a full version document in PDF: Integrated Gaspareau Fishery Management Plan 2007-2012 [PDF - 497 KB]

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