Integrated Fisheries Management Plan

Lobster in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence



The Southern Gulf Lobster Advisory Committee meetings allow for an open venue for discussing the management and performance of the fishery. The following indicators will be used to determine if the plan objectives are met as outlined in Section 5

Management Objectives Evaluation Criteria

Stock Conservation

  • Harvest control rules are developed that clearly define what actions are taken for a given status of the stock.
  • Measurable reductions in exploitation rate such that the fishery becomes less dependent on new recruits.
  • Number of licences retired, percentage of unfished lobsters reaching maturity, data about level and distribution of effort is collected, analyzed and used in management of the fishery.


  • Catches and mortality of non-targeted species is low to nil.
  • Effectiveness of the biodegradable panel through observation.


  • Industry creates an integrated governance structure which includes fish harvesters and processors.
  • Frequency and type of discussions that take place with and between stakeholders.
  • Level of participation by stakeholders in the consultative process.


  • Prices paid to harvesters.
  • A high quality product is landed and processed.
  • Gluts on the market and in the processing plants are avoided.
  • Number of harvesters does not increase.