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Fishery related activities may be subject to closure by Fisheries and Oceans Canada for conservation, safety, contamination, seasonal or other reasons.

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Variation Order GVO-2014-029

Issuance Date: 





Order varying the close time for fishing for groundfish by certain vessel classes in Division 4T.


Revokes: GVO-2014-020
Revoked by: GVO-2018-002

Publication Date: 

2014-04-30 16:22:06 AT



Pursuant to the Fishery (General) Regulations and by the Gulf Region Close Time Variation Order 2014-029, the Groundfish fishery for groundfish mobile gear vessel classes C50 to C149, C350 to C600, C2000 to C2899, C2910 to C2924, C3000 to C3372 and C3380 to C3460 is open beginning on May 1, 2014.

Refer to Gulf Region Close Time Variation Order 2014-029 issued on April 30, 2014, or contact your local Fishery Officer for further information.

Gulf Region Close Time Variation Order 2014-020 is revoked.


Morley Knight
Regional Director General
Gulf Region