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Fishery related activities may be subject to closure by Fisheries and Oceans Canada for conservation, safety, contamination, seasonal or other reasons.

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Variation Order GVO-2016-036

Issuance Date: 





Close time and minimum length for fishing for mackerel in Mackerel Fishing Area 16.


Revokes: GVO-2014-046
Revoked by: GVO-2016-075

Publication Date: 

2016-05-09 13:49:28 AT



Pursuant to the Fishery (General) Regulations and by the Gulf Region Close Time and Minimum Length Variation Order 2016-036, the mackerel fishery for all vessels and gear types in mackerel fishing area 16 will open beginning on May 15 to December 31.

Fishers are reminded that portions of mackerel fishing area 16 located less than 500 meters of any point of the mouth of the salmon rivers as referred to in Quebec Region Variation Order 2010-Q-016, remain closed to vessels utilizing fixed gear.

Fishers are also reminded that fishing for mackerel using a vessel 19.8 m or more in overall length when using mobile gear remains closed in that portion of Bay des Chaleurs, located west of a line drawn from Grand Anse, NB to Paspebiac, Quebec as referred to in Quebec Region Variation Order, 2013-Q-121. 

In addition, the minimum length for mackerel in mackerel fishing area 16 when fishing for commercial and recreational purposes is set at 26.3 cm. The number of mackerel less than 26.3 cm in length retained during any one fishing trip must not exceed 10% of the number of longer mackerel caught and retained during that fishing trip.

Refer to Gulf Region Close Time and Minimum Length Variation Order 2016-036 issued on May 9, 2016. For further information regarding this Order, please contact your local Fishery Officer.  To receive an electronic copy of all future Variation Orders issued by the Gulf Region, please email and provide your email address to be placed on our Variation Orders distribution list. Notices of all active variation and prohibition orders can be viewed on the Web site of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Gulf Region, under Orders Registry, at the following address:

Gulf Region Close Time and Minimum Length Variation Order 2014-046 is hereby revoked.

Wendy Watson-Wright
Regional Director General
Gulf Region