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Fishery related activities may be subject to closure by Fisheries and Oceans Canada for conservation, safety, contamination, seasonal or other reasons.

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Variation Order GVO-2019-058

Issuance Date: 



Halibut, Greenland Halibut (turbot)


Close time for fishing for Halibut and Greenland Halibut by certain vessel classes in NAFO Division 4T.


Revokes: GVO-2018-053
Revoked by: GVO-2020-081

Publication Date: 

2019-07-09 15:27:54 AT



Pursuant to the Fishery (General) Regulations, the Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licenses Regulations and by Gulf Region Close Time Variation Order 2019-058, the Halibut and Greenland Halibut fishery by vessel classes C62 to C78, C104 to C113, C506 to C510, C2276 and C2922 to C2924 in sub zone 4T2a of NAFO Division 4T, will be closed starting on July 10, 2019 until December 31, 2019 inclusively.

Refer to Gulf Region Close Time Variation Order 2019-058 issued on July 9, 2019. For further information regarding this Order, please contact your local Fishery Officer.  To receive an electronic copy of all future Variation Orders issued by the Gulf Region, please email and provide your email address to be placed on our Variation Orders distribution list. Notices of all active variation and prohibition orders can be viewed on the Web site of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Gulf Region, under Orders Registry, at the following address:

Gulf Region Close Time Variation Order 2018-053 is hereby revoked.

Gulf Region Close Time Variation Order 2019-058 comes into force on July 9, 2019.

Serge Doucet
Regional Director General
Gulf Region