Eastern New Brunswick

Map Eastern New Brunswick Area

The Eastern New Brunswick area covers the NB coastline bordering the Gulf of St. Lawrence and that part of NB traversed by rivers flowing into the Gulf. It has the largest number of French-speaking fishermen in the Gulf Region, where nearly 60% of Eastern NB licence holders are francophone. This area is also home to the first Harbour Authority in Canada. Le Comité du port de Caraquet Inc. signed the initial Harbour Authority lease in 1988.

How to reach us:

Department of Fisheries and Oceans
3212 Principale Street
Tracadie, New Brunswick
E1X 1A3
Fax: 506-395-1819

Contacts for Eastern NB:

  • Area Director:
    • 506-395-7708
  • Resource Management:
    • 506-395-7705
  • Small Craft Harbours:
    • 506-395-7709
    • 506-395-7757
  • Conservation & Protection (Administration):
    • 506-395-7703