Activity Applications

Anyone who would like to conduct an activity in the Gully Marine Protected Area (MPA) that is not listed as an exception to the general prohibitions in the Regulations must submit an application for ministerial approval. An application is required for activities carried out completely within the MPA, and for activities that include the MPA as part of a larger program. Examples of activities that require approval through this process include:

  • Scientific research and monitoring activities
  • Tourism activities such as whale-watching and seabird tours (applications should include a commitment to follow the Gully MPA whale watching guidelines)
  • Activities related to media production (e.g., film and television crews)
  • Any other activity not listed as an exception in Section 8 of the Regulations.

If you are interested in conducting one of these activities within the Gully MPA, you must complete and submit an application form to DFO at least 60 days prior to the planned start date for the activity. Canadian researchers / organizations are subject to this requirement.


Foreign researchers interested in conducting marine scientific research within waters under Canadian jurisdiction must request approval by writing directly to Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. The request is then evaluated for approval under Canada’s Foreign Vessel Clearance Request process. DFO reviews research requests as they relate to the Department’s mandate for marine science, resource management and conservation. In cases where research requests involve the Gully MPA, DFO reviews the proposed activities against the conservation and management objectives of the site.

Activity Report

Those permitted to conduct activities in the Gully MPA are asked to communicate the outcomes of their activities using a standardized reporting template. Information provided in the report should include whether or not proposed activities were carried out successfully, the identification of sampling locations, and a description of data and/or samples collected.

Incident Report

As per section 7 of the Gully MPA regulations, any person involved in an accident that is likely to result in any disturbance, damage, destruction or removal in the MPA of any living marine organism or any part of its habitat; must, within two hours after its occurrence, report the accident to the Canadian Coast Guard (1-800-565-1633).

In addition, a description of all environmental emergencies and other incidents should be submitted to DFO using a standardized reporting template as soon as possible after the incident.

Research vessel in the Gully MPA Acoustic monitoring system being deployed in the Gully MPA


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