Aquatic Species at Risk

Maritimes Species at Risk

Many of the aquatic species listed under the federal Species at Risk Act call the waters of the Maritimes their home.

The Maritimes Species at Risk Management Division of Fisheries and Oceans Canada is responsible for the following activities to protect species at risk, including fish, whales, sea turtles and mollusks, in Maritime waters:

  • Working with partners and stakeholders to protect and recover Threatened and Endangered species listed under the Species at Risk Act;
  • Managing species of Special Concern to prevent them from becoming Endangered species or Threatened species; and
  • Engaging the Canadian public to determine if species should be added to the Species at Risk Act List

To learn about all the aquatic species at risk across Canada and to find out what the Department is doing to help ensure their survival and recovery, please visit the national Fisheries and Oceans Canada Species at Risk website.

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