Photo credit: Susan Heaslip, DFO
Photo credit: Susan Heaslip, DFO
  • Season Dates
    • Seasons vary by gear type and location.
      • Angling is open year-round in tidal waters.
      • In inland waters, angling for eels is open if there is an open fishery for salmon, trout, or smallmouth bass.
      • Fishing with spears is open from September 1 – November 15 in tidal waters in New Brunswick, and year-round in tidal waters in Nova Scotia, but closed year-round in all inland waters in the Maritimes Region.
  • Limits
  • Licensing
  • Status
    • In 2012 the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) assessed American eel as threatened. To date there has been no decision by Government to list American eel under the Species at Risk Act.
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