Duty to Assist

The principles for assisting applicants include:

  • Process your request without regard to your identity.
  • Offer reasonable assistance throughout the request process.
  • Provide information on the Access to Information Act, including information on the processing of your request and your right to complain to the Information Commissioner of Canada.
  • Inform you as appropriate and without undue delay when your request needs to be clarified.
  • Make every reasonable effort to locate and retrieve the requested records under the control of the government institution.
  • Apply limited and specific exemptions to the requested records.
  • Provide accurate and complete responses.
  • Provide timely access to the requested information.
  • Provide records in the format and official language requested, as appropriate.
  • Provide an appropriate location within the government institution to examine the requested information.

Understanding Your Release Package

Once you receive your release package and review the documents you may have questions. Below are explanations of common concerns regarding release packages:

“Blacked Out/Severed” information

The ATIP legislation allows for or requires the protection of certain types of information. The blacked out or severed portions of your release package indicate where this type of information has been protected.

Missing records

Your release package may not contain all of the records you were expecting. This may be for the following reasons:

  • The records do not exist
  • The records existed but have been destroyed in accordance with their retention and disposition schedule

If you require further explanation or have additional questions please contact the analyst reponsible for processing your request.