Vessel Monitoring

Description: This bank describes information related to the use of satellite-based positional tracking systems on board vessels required pursuant to the conditions of a commercial fishing licence. The personal information may include: contact information, name, other identification numbers (Vessel Registration Number, Fisher Identification Number), Commercial Service Provider information, Global Positioning System (GPS) information (latitude, longitude, position date, time, speed and heading) and signature.

Note: In addition to the requirements specified on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Personal Information Request form, individuals requesting information described by this bank must provide their Vessel Registration Number and vessel name. Information may be stored electronically in the Vessel Monitoring System. The PIB was last updated in March 2015.

Class of individual: Individuals with a vessel monitoring system unit installed on their vessels.

Purpose: The personal information is used to manage fisheries resources, monitor compliance with fishery laws and regulations, and provide information on fish stocks, fish movement and catch-and-effort to ensure sustainable management of fisheries resources. Personal information is collected pursuant to section 7 of the Fisheries Act and subsection 22(1) of the Fishery (General) Regulations.

Consistent Uses: The information may be shared within DFO for the purposes of program planning, program management, policy development, reporting, safety or security purposes, audit, evaluation, statistical, research, the detection, prevention, or suppression of crime, enforcement and investigations, resource management, search and rescue, stock and ecosystem assessments, marine security and scientific studies.The information may be shared with Core Participants of the Marine Security and Operations Center (MSOC) for marine security, safety and environmental emergency purposes.  Core participants of MSOC are the Canada Border Services Agency, The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (including the Canadian Coast Guard), the Department of National Defence, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Transport Canada. Internationally, information may be shared with enforcement authorities in other countries pursuant to domestic legislations and/or regulations. The sharing of information is governed by specific MOUs.  For vessels that are operating in The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) Regulatory Area (NRA) information may be shared with contracting parties with an inspection presence in the NRA pursuant to the NAFO Conservation and Enforcement measures as agreed upon by the contracting parties. 

Retention and Disposal Standards: Records are kept for 15 years and then destroyed. Records deemed to be of archival value are transferred to the care and control of Library and Archives Canada.

RDA Number: Under review

Related Record Number: DFO EFM 400.1 and DFO EFM 404.2

TBS Registration: 20150125

Bank Number: DFO PPU 065