Mar. 29, 2017


Amendments to the Vessel Monitoring System Schedule 19 and National VMS Form


DFO advises fish harvesters that the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Schedule 19 has been amended to reflect changes to the National Vessel Monitoring System form.  Please refer to this amended schedule to review these changes.


The department no longer requires fish harvesters to submit a National VMS Form when their service is suspended with their Communications Service Provider or when resuming VMS reporting on a unit where no changes have been made to the information currently on file with the department. However, if there are changes to the information outlined in the fish harvester’s condition of licence, fish harvesters must complete the National VMS Form. 


When resuming VMS reporting with your Communication Service Provider it is recommended to verify the VMS unit information and any changes shall be reported to DFO via the National VMS Form.


The amended National VMS Form is available at the DFO offices and online at


 “Notices to Fish Harvesters” for all commercial fisheries are now available online under the Fishery Notices link on the DFO NL Region webpage at


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