Salmon Rivers Closing in Zone 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13, and 14A

DFO advises anglers that due to extremely low water levels and extremely high water temperatures, the following rivers will close effective one hour after sunset on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. Rivers will reopen as conditions improve.


Zone 3                                             

18. Ariege or Salmon River, including Southwest Brook and Rose's Brook, Hare Bay

21. Western Brook or Beaver Brook, Canada Bay


Zone 4

46. Exploits River

50. All Gander River, except Main Stem


Zone 5

55. Northwest Brook, Indian Bay

56. Indian Bay River and tributary streams

57. North West Brook, Trinity, Bonavista Bay

58. Traverse Brook and tributary streams

59. Middle Brook including Square Pond Brook and Burnt Pond Brook

60. Gambo River and tributary streams, including Mint Brook, Narrows, Triton Brook, Riverhead Brook and Parsons Brook

61. Northwest Brook, Alexander Bay

62. Terra Nova River and tributary streams, including Maccles Brook

63. Northwest Brook, Port Blandford, and tributary stream

64. Salmon Brook, Port Blandford, and tributary streams

65. Southwest Brook, Port Blandford, and tributary streams.


Zone 6

66. Salmon Cove River, Trinity Bay

67. Trouty River, Trinity Bay

68. Pope's Harbour River, Trinity Bay

69. Shoal Harbour River, Trinity Bay and tributaries

70. Deer Harbour River and tributary streams, Trinity Bay


Zone 12

125. Grandy's River, including Top Pond Brook


Zone 13

136. Little Codroy River, including Cooper's Brook, Southern Brook & Western Brook

137. Great Codroy River, including Broom Brook, Ryan's Brook & Mullchingnic Brook; the North Branch of Great Codroy, including Upper Brook, Lower Brook & Crooked Brook; the South Branch of Great Codroy, including Bullhouse Brook

138. Highlands River, and tributary streams

139. Crabbe's River, and tributary streams

140. Middle Barachois River, and tributary streams

141. Robinsons River, and tributary streams

142. Fischell's Brook, and tributary streams

143. Flat Bay Brook, and tributary streams

144. Little Barachois Brook, and tributary streams

145. Southwest Brook & Bottom Brook, and tributary streams

146. Harry's River, including Spruce Brook, Little George's, Meadows Brook, Pinch Gut River, Stag Hill Brook & Gull Pond Brook


Zone 14A

154. Lomond Main River, (East Arm, Bonne Bay) including East Branch

158. Portland Creek River, including Brian's Feeder

160. River of Ponds, including Kate's Feeder, Big Feeder Brook, Spring Tilt Brook (below Spring Tilt Pond) & Big Gulch Brook

161. Little Brook Ponds, and tributary streams

162. Torrent River, and tributary streams

163. East River, Hawke's Bay


For more information please visit the In Season River Status Report at or call the Angling Line at 709-772-4423.


Robyn Morris
Regional FAM Officer
Tel: (709)772-8859