August 11, 2020


Second round permits for 2+3KLMNO FG <65'Greenland Halibut

DFO advises harvesters that permits will be available for the second round of the 2+3KLMNO <65'FG Greenland Halibut fishery. Due to lower than anticipated participation levels in this fishery, the Department has adjusted the process for second round permits for 2020 only. Harvesters who have already received permits for the initial fishing period that occurred from June 15 to August 15, 2020 will be eligible to receive a permit in the second round, however, those harvesters who have had directed landings of Greenland Halibut in the 2020 2+3KLMNO FG <65 Greenland Halibut Fishery under the initial permit will be given priority for second round permits. Harvesters will be required to request a permit and state their preferred fishing area(s). The established draw list will be used to determine the priority of permit issuance and area selections. Further information to follow by e-mail.

Please note the following:

- permit amounts are anticipated to be the same as the initial permit pending interest levels.

- the number of nets permitted will be increased to 120 in both areas.

- tentative permit dates are from August 18 to September 1, 2020.

- permits will be issued once landings from the first permit have been confirmed.

- the permit validity period is subject to monitoring of the TAC.

Harvesters are asked to monitor the e-mail account that they supplied to the Department during the expression of interest process for more information regarding second round permits in 2+3KLMNO.

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