2021-175, 2021-176, 2021-177, 2021-178, 2021-179


July 19, 2021

Salmon Rivers Closing in Zone 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10

DFO advises anglers that due to extremely high water temperatures and/or low water levels, the following rivers will be restricted to morning angling only effective one hour after sunset on Monday, July 19, 2021.

During this period, angling is permitted from one hour before sunrise to 10:00 am each day, and will be closed to angling from 10:01 am to one hour before sunrise on the following day.

The rivers will reopen as conditions improve. Please refer to page 16 of the 2021 Angler’s Guide for further information on the 2021 environmental protocol.

Zone 5

56. Indian Bay River & tributary streams

58. Traverse Brook & tributary streams

59. Middle Brook, including Square Pond Brook & Burnt Pond Brook

60. Gambo River & tributary streams, including Mint Brook, Narrows, Triton Brook, Riverhead Brook & Parsons Brook

62. * Terra Nova River & tributaries, including Maccles Brook

Zone 6

68. Pope's Harbour River, Trinity Bay

69. * Shoal Harbour River, Trinity Bay & tributaries

Zone 7

72. Salmon Cove River, Conception Bay

73. *North River, Conception Bay

74. *South River, Conception Bay

Zone 9

81. *Salmonier River, including Back River below falls

82. Colinet River, including north and east branches

83. Rocky River & tributary streams

84. North Harbour River, St. Mary’s Bay

85. Little Salmonier River, St. Mary’s Bay

86. Big Barachois Brook, St. Mary’s Bay

Zone 10

89. South East River (Placentia) &tributary streams

90. *Northeast River, Placentia

91. Come By Chance River

92. Watson’s Brook, Placentia Bay

93. North Harbour River, Placentia Bay

94. Black River, Placentia Bay below falls

95. Piper’s Hole River

*indicates river has closed sections (reference Angler’s Guide 2021-22)

For more information please visit the In Season River Status website at or call the Angling Line at 1-800-782-3058.

The Regional Director General, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador Region gives notice that Variation Orders 2021-165, 2021-166, 2021-167, 2021-168 and 2021-169 have been revoked and Variation Orders 2021-175, 2021-176, 2021-177, 2021-178 and 2021-179 come into effect at 1800 hours on July 19, 2021.


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Resource Manager
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