Do you want to be a Clerk/Storekeeper?

Do you enjoy working in a fast paced and exciting environment? Do you enjoy maintaining inventory on provisions and supplies? Would you like to work in the marine environment? Then, we may have the job for you!

What do they do?

Clerk/Storekeepers are responsible for the management of the vessel’s inventory, from main engine parts to provisions. Responsibilities involve maintaining the galley inventories, as well as deck department and engineering department inventories. This includes interaction with international suppliers and shore personnel on a regular basis. Clerk/Storekeepers are also responsible for providing clerical support for personnel administration, pay and benefits documentation and travel arrangements.

How do I become a Clerk/Storekeeper?

To become a clerk/storekeeper you will require a Marine Emergency Duties (MED) certificate (A1, B1, B2) and a valid Transport Canada medical certificate.

You would join the department as an entry level steward, cook, deckhand or oiler and once you have acquired some experience with the position you would be eligible to apply for the position of a clerk/storekeeper. Through on the job training for the position you would obtain experience in logistic functions. This would encompass some topics such as central storekeeping system, financial management, introduction to procurement, life cycle management, fundamentals of purchasing, inventory control and others.

Openings for jobs with the Canadian Coast Guard are advertised through the Public Service Commission website at Careers in the federal Public Service.

Spotlight on... Jeff Cluett is a Clerk/Storekeeper aboard the CCGS Leonard J Cowley.

Jeff CluettFather of three young children, Jeff Cluett says that “you have to be able to roll with the punches” when it comes to working and living at sea.

“Quite often I get several people coming to me wanting things done simultaneously. In a sea going environment things can change rapidly so getting deliveries scheduled, for example, can prove challenging at times. It also helps to have some mechanical aptitude as I’m frequently working with the engineering staff in sourcing tools, equipments and parts.”

Jeff also notes that it is important to be well organized. “When the captain or chief engineer need or request something I like to be sure we have it onboard or can get it in a timely fashion. I love the challenge and I really enjoy the mechanical side of the job - working with parts and equipment.”

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