Commercial Fishing Registration Cards, Certificates, Permits and Licence Information

Description: This bank describes information related to the issuance of cards, certificates, permits, and licences required to participate in commercial, emerging or exploratory fisheries. These may include but are not limited to: vessel registration cards, vehicle certificates, fisher's registration cards, permits, fish harvester registration certificates, commercial licences, and associated conditions of a licence or permit.  Licences or permits are issued to fish for a particular species or bait, harvest marine plants, transport fish, and  for special structures in the commercial fishery- including, but not limited to, a lobster pound, weir, berth, and cages. The personal information may include: biographical information, catch and landings, citizenship status, community, contact information, credit card information, credit history, date of birth, date of death, days/hours at sea/fished, dockside monitoring/vessel monitoring/at sea observer company and individual representing the company the fisher is associated with, educational information, employee equity information, employment equity information, financial information, fishing area, fishing logs,  fishing status (full-time or part-time), funding information, gear type, gender, hail in and hail out reports, homeport, identifying numbers, labels, language preference, medical information, name, observer reports, online access information -including secret questions and answers for password recovery, opinions or views of, or about individuals, photographs of individuals, physical attributes, quota, signature, status of licence, tags, and vessel information. In addition, personal information may include information contained on government issued identification, including drivers licence, or on an invoice/bill showing civic address for verification of an individual's residency and/or authority to work in Canada.

Note: In addition to the requirements specified on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Personal Information Request form, individuals requesting information described by this bank must provide their name and date of birth. Information may be stored electronically in the National Online Licensing System, regional licensing, and catch and effort databases. The PIB was last updated in 2015 and was previously titled Commercial Fishing Licence Information.

Class of Individuals: General public, commercial fish harvesters, commercial helpers or assistants, commercial fishing crew, vessel owners (current and previous), vessel masters, buyers, representatives of a licence holder, doctors, caller reporting hail in and hail out details, legally appointed executor or administrator of a deceased individual, and trustee in bankruptcy, or court appointed receiver.

Purpose: Information is collected pursuant to section 7,8,9,18,31,45 and 61 of the Fisheries Act, section 22 of the Fishery (General) Regulations, section 17 of the Atlantic Fishery Regulations, section 4 of the Maritime Provinces Fishery Regulations, section 4 of the Northwest Territories Fishery Regulations, section 4 of the Yukon Territory Fishery Regulations, section 19 of the Pacific Fishery Regulations, section 5 of the Coastal Fisheries Protection Act and subsection 55.1 of the Newfoundland and Labrador Fishery Regulations. Information is used for the following purposes: to develop and support fishing plans: fisheries management and control of fisheries decision making; conservation and protection of fish; to issue, renew, amend, re-issue, split, combine, register a new entrant, designate another fisher to fish under a licence, transfer, replace, suspend, or cancel licenses, cards, permits and certificates; substitute or designate an operator; to assess fish stocks; to assist DFO in the issuance/re-issuance of fishing gear identification or species harvest control devices; to provide for vessel safety and inspections; to register for a stacking, partnership, buddy-up arrangements, or pooling groups; locate or relocate a structure; appoint and manage a representative; file a notice of a financial arrangement; export fish; register Foreign ownership or the use of Foreign vessel; register the signing officer for a company; request new licence conditions or change to existing licence conditions;  issue a temporary licence; declare  that the harvest log was lost or destroyed; register, substitute, replace, transfer or remove a vessel; register port activity of foreign vessels; register a temporary vessel; voluntarily retire commercial fishing licence eligibilities or quota;  transfer quota; controlling agreement declaration; and to give notice of the death of a licence holder.

Consistent Uses: Information may be shared with Public Services and Procurement Canada (Receiver General Deposits, PWGSC PCU 717 ) and third party service providers for the purpose of processing payments. The information may be used in support of stock or risk assessments, quota monitoring, mapping fishing activity, environmental impact assessments, and economic development. Certain data may be shared with Transport Canada for the purposes of commercial fishing vessel safety, educational activities, compliance monitoring and for investigations and prosecutions (Marine Safety Enforcement Program, TC PPU 021). The information may also be shared with approved local fishing organizations, on approval by DFO, in specific provinces in order to assist DFO in the issuance of fishing net labels and replacement labels. The data could also be shared with the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centres, the National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces for the purpose of search and rescue (National Search and Rescue (SAR) Management System, DND PPU 550). Vessel specific personal information may be shared with other agencies in emergency response or SAR situations, and with Territorial Wildlife Officers issuing licences in remote locations on DFO's behalf. Vessel and/or fisher information may be shared with the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission under international agreements and to third party service providers issuing tags or analyzing data to map fishing activity on DFO's behalf. Information may be shared with the provinces to enforce or administer legislation such as the Fish Harvester Organizations Support Act in the Province of Nova Scotia. The information may also be shared with exporters for verification purposes. Information may be shared with the core participants of the Marine Security Operations Centres – National Defence, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canada Border Services Agency and Transport Canada for the purposes of monitoring Canadian territorial waters, and to detect and assess security threats. Information may also be used or disclosed for program planning, conducting surveys, management or analysis, internal reporting, safety or security purposes, emergency situations, audit, evaluation, statistical, research, policy development and implementation, enforcement, and conducting investigations in accordance with Canadian fisheries legislation.

Retention and Disposal Standards: Records are retained for 7 years after the date of issue or entry into relevant database and then destroyed.

RDA Number: Under review

Related Record Number: DFO EFM 400.1

TBS Registration: 003621

Bank Number: DFO PPU 410