Nationally Regulated Recreational, Domestic, and Sport Fishing

Description: This bank describes information related to the issuance of recreational, domestic, and sport fishing licences,  associated licence conditions, and tags, in Canadian waters under DFO’s jurisdiction, and in operating  programs aimed at conservation or scientific studies in these fisheries.  Conservation and Science programs include, but are not limited to, conservation catch cards, conservation stamps, head recovery programs, and tagged fish reward programs. The personal information may include name, biographical information, catch, contact information, conservation and recreational fish monitoring document, credit card information, financial information, date of birth, fishing logs, gender, identifying numbers, language preference, medical information, online access information -including secret questions and answers for password recovery, opinions or views of, or about individuals, physical attributes and signature. In addition, personal information may include information contained on government issued identification, including drivers licence, or on an invoice/bill showing civic address for verification of an individual's residency.

Note: In addition to the requirements specified on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Personal Information Request form, individuals requesting information described by this bank must provide their name and date of birth. Information may be stored electronically in the National Recreational Licensing System  and National Online Licensing System database. This PIB was formerly titled the National Recreational Fishing PIB.  The PIB was last updated in 2015.

Class of Individuals: Current and former holders and vendors of recreational, domestic, and  sport fishing licences which includes: minors or a trustee of a minor,  and adult fishers that must report the catches on behalf of themselves and the minors they fish with; disabled persons who designate individuals to catch their daily limit of groundfish in Newfoundland and Labrador and individuals so designated; medical doctors or optometrists who attest to the Disabled Designation; and members of the public participating in the conservation catch card, conservation stamp, head recovery or tagged fish rewards programs.

Purpose: Personal information is used to issue recreational, domestic, and sport fishing licences; for the management, control and compliance of the fisheries; monitoring catch and quota; and administering  conservation programs such as catch card, stamp, head recovery, and tag reward programs. Personal information is collected pursuant to section 7 of the Fisheries Act, section 17 of the Atlantic Fishery Regulations, section 4 of the Maritime Provinces Fishery Regulations, section 4 of the Northwest Territories Fishery Regulations, section 4 of the Yukon Territory Fishery Regulations, andsection 17 of the British Columbia Sport Fishing Regulations.

Consistent Uses: Information may be shared with Public Services and Procurement Canada (Receiver General Deposits, PWGSC PCU 717 ) and third party service providers for the purpose of processing payments.  Information may be shared with the core participants of the Marine Security Operations Centres – National Defence, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canada Border Services Agency and Transport Canada for the purposes of monitoring Canadian territorial waters, and to detect and assess security threats. Information may also be used or disclosed for distributing communication documents (if opted-in), evaluation, internal reporting, stock assessments, science, program planning, policy development, audits, statistical, demographic, safety, security , monitoring, investigation and enforcement purposes. Contact information will be used for public outreach and educational purposes, and to conduct surveys required as a condition of licence. Personal information may be disclosed to third party service providers  contracted to conduct surveys on DFO’s behalf.

Retention and Disposal Standards: Records are retained for 7 years following the date of issue or entry into relevant database and then destroyed.

RDA Number: Under review

Related Record Number: DFO EFM 400.2

TBS Registration: 20091572

Bank Number: DFO PPU 415