How to Submit a Request

What type of information does DFO have?

DFO has records relating to the development and implementation of policies and programs in support of Canada’s scientific, ecological, social and economic interests in oceans and fresh waters. Specific details are illustrated in our annual Info Source publication.

Informal requests for information

Informal requests are direct lines of communication between departmental programs and the public, and should be the initial channel to receive departmental information.

To direct your informal information request, please contact our Communications office using one of the following options:

  • Telephone: 613-993-0999
  • Email: (please include your postal code and email address)

Access to Information Request

Submitting a request online to Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The Access to Information and Privacy Online Request Service offers a convenient way to submit access to information or personal information requests.

This service enables individuals to make online requests for information under the control of Government of Canada institutions instead of having to print, scan and email or mail a form to the correct institution.

Submit a request online

Mailing your Request

Request Form

In order to submit a formal Access to Information request you must:

  • Provide a signed written request (with all required consent forms attached) and contact information. You may use the attached form or submit your own written request.
  • Provide the $5 dollar application fee. We accept payment by Cheque (payable to the Receiver General), credit card (Mastercard/VISA/Amex) and money order.
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have an address in Canada. Canadians living abroad will be required to provide proof of citizenship. If you do not fall into any of these categories, you may have an eligible individual submit a request on your behalf.
  • Corporations, businesses and organizations with a Canadian presence have the right to make an Access to Information request.

Access to Information and Privacy Secretariat
200 Kent St.
Mailstation 4N193
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0E6

Did you know...

extensions may be applicable to your Access to Information request depending on the scope and nature of your request.


Privacy Request

Request Form

In order to submit a formal Privacy request you must:

  • Provide a signed written request (with all required consent forms attached) You may use the attached form or submit your own written request.

There are no fees for Privacy requests.

Tips on wording your request

To help reduce delays, costs and volume please consider the following suggestions when drafting your request:

  • Be specific
  • Provide a concise date range
  • Identify the key individuals or offices from which you wish to receive records.

Please ensure the wording is concise and clear to avoid delays in processing your request.

If you require further clarification or would like help in preparing your request, please contact us at: or at 613-993-3115

Privacy Notice Statement

Personal information is collected under the authority of the Access to Information Act or Privacy Act for the purposes of:

  • Administering the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act; and
  • Processing and responding to formal and informal requests.

Personal information may also be used:

  • During consultations with other government institutions;
  • During investigations by the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC), the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) and Ad hoc Commissioners responsible for investigations within the OIC and OPC; and
  • During court reviews.

Aggregate information, which does not identify individuals, is used to report to Parliament on the administration of the Acts. Non-personal information may be used to provide reports on Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) activities to management, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and other institutions. Information may also be used for research, planning, audit and evaluation purposes.

In some cases, information may be disclosed without an individual's consent for purposes authorized under subsection 8(2) of the Privacy Act.

Failure to provide sufficient information may preclude the processing of your Access to Information or Privacy Act request.

Personal information is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act. The Act also gives individuals the right of access to and correction of their personal information. Details on these matters are outlined in the foreword section of Info Source.

Individuals given access to their personal information under the Privacy Act are entitled to:

  • Request correction of the personal information where the individual believes there is an error or omission therein; and
  • Require that a notation be attached to the information reflecting any correction requested but not made.

If you wish to avail yourself of this right, or if you require clarification about this notice, please contact the ATIP Director.

The personal information collected is described in Personal Information Bank PSU 901, Access to Information and Privacy, and will be retained for a minimum of two (2) years from the last administrative action on the file.

For more information on privacy issues and the Privacy Act in general, please consult the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.