Species Quota Report

Newfoundland and Labrador Region - Preliminary Data - Subject to revision

Run Date: Jul 24, 2024

Last Data Update: Jul 23, 2024 21:23

Landings as of : Jul 22, 2024

Quota Management Cycle beginning in Year: 2013

Species : (250) Mackerel

Notes :

  1. 1. Landings, catch and quota data may not always match one another for any number of reasons including (but not limited to): quota management cycles differing from calendar year cycle, hail information being used to report quotas prior to landings, different document sources not yet reconciled with one another and delays in receiving documents from industry.

    2. This report reflects only NL Region landings against Regional and/or Canadian-wide quotas. To view catch information in other regions or complete quota allocations, please see Canadian Atlantic Quota Report at Fisheries and Oceans National Statistics Website, http://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/stats/stats-eng.htm

    3. Additional information may be used by Fishery Managers to open and/or close fisheries under quota.

    4. Due to Enterprise Combining, landings are allocated to the combined enterprise, which may result in the appearance of over/ under utilization of a quota.

    5. Detailed data in parts of this report may be suppressed due to privacy concerns.

(Numbers may not add due to rounding)
NAFO Licence
Quota Definition Quota
4R N/A 4R3Pn - Mobile Gear < 65' 0 2882 0 -2882 Dec 31, 2013
4R N/A 4R3Pn - Fixed Gear < 65' 0 218 0 -218 Dec 31, 2013
Total N/A N/A 0 3101 0 -3101 N/A
Total All NAFO Divisions N/A N/A 0 5170 0 -5170 N/A