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After 10 Years as a Marine Protected Area, the Sable Gully Continues to Yield its Secrets.

One of the new discoveries of cold water coral found in the Sable Gully MPA. This beautiful coral belongs to the genus Paramuricea.

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Maritimes Region

As one of the largest of the six Fisheries and Oceans Canada regions, the Maritimes Region is a highly diverse area. With more than 8600 km of coastline, its coastal communities, economic orientation, use of natural resources, physical landscape, and cultural ties to the marine environment make our work vital to life in this region.

Fishing Boat at the dock in Alma, NB

The Gully Marine Protected Area

This video shows highlights of wildlife from the Gully Marine Protected Area, a submarine large canyon off Nova Scotia Canada.

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Two dolphins in the water.

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Since 1962, the Bedford Institute of Oceanography has been a leader in scientific research and innovation.

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Bedford Institute of Oceanography

St. Andrews Biological Station

The St. Andrews Biological Station is Atlantic Canada’s oldest permanent marine research facility. Science conducted at the Biological Station encompasses the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine as well as coastal ecosystems and traditional fisheries in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

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The St. Andrews Biological Station

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